About Us

Company Profile:  Paragon defined: (Webster’s)  A Model of perfection or excellence, Patterns of excellence.  Unparalleled.  A flawless diamond of 100 carats or more.

Paragon Marketing Global takes pride in living up to definition that our name represents.  Our mission is to provide all of our customers and business partners with unparalleled products and service and to excel in all aspects of our business.

Paragon Marketing Global will only partner with those companies that have proven themselves in the area’s of product quality, customer support and clinical effectiveness.  We will only work with quality trained individuals with experience in a clinical and or technical setting while maintaining solid business principles and a strong work ethic.

Available Services:

Paragon Marketing Global works on the premise that our customers are our biggest asset.  Whether you are the end user, marketing partner or healthcare supplier, our main objective is to bring you quality products and services that will enhance overall clinical effectiveness, professionalism and long term productivity.

Satisfying the needs of our customers is our number 1 objective.  Whether you purchase our products, use our marketing services or those of our business partners.  We are here to work with you to improve your success and to add to your customer experience.