Paragon Marketing Global, Inc. is an Internet-based sales and marketing company specializing in e-commerce, primarily in the health and wellness areas. We also offer website planning, creation, and development as well as inexpensive website hosting.

We are dedicated committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing quality healthcare products specifically designed to enhance and improve the quality of life for our customers. The customer is our #1 objective and our goal is to create a positive effect in the lives of our customers, their families, friends, co-workers, and loved ones.

Below are just some of the sites that we support: Incontinence Supplies and more... In 1999 we created for the sole purpose of providing cost effective home delivery of adult diapers, incontinence care products and other healthcare related items online. We offer a variety of disposable medical products and continue to service the homecare and end user market. We do it because we care! (read more…)
The creation of GentleCare Solutions in 2004, opened up new opportunities to service healthcare and institutional markets. Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Physicians, Prisons, Schools, Labs and many more can all benefit from innovative and new technological advancements in skin care and infection control. Solutions for Healthy Living! (read more…) GentleCare Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer
Foam Soap Pump Bottles and Dispensers - Looking for empty bottles and foamers for your soap related products. Look no further. We supply foam soap pumps and empty bottles, refillable foaming wall dispensers, gallon foam pumps and foam soap components and offer behind the scenes filling, labeling and coding of your skin care formulations. Our Solution to your Solution Needs.” (read more…)
The acqusition of in June 2014 provides immediate access to thousands of customers.Hawaiian Ho’oponopono masters state that “Drinking Blue Solar Water transmute memories replaying problems in the subconscious mind and helps the body to Let Go and Let God”.  (read more…) bsw